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5557 Cunard St, Second Floor


The Good HUb is based out of 5557 Cunard St…

The Hub Halifax, 2014

The Hub Halifax, 2014

The Good Hub is a Community Interest Company that is also the location of Common Good Solutions (CGS), the anchor tenant of The Good Hub. CGS originally called The Hub Halifax home for two years and when their time at the The Hub Halifax came to a close, the expanded team of four called 1697 Brunswick Street home.

It was within these four walls that the CGS team experienced unfathomable growth, from launching the world’s first online learning platform dedicated solely to social enterprise (SEI), completing sector changing projects like the second and third social enterprise sector surveys, creating a social enterprise resource database, launching the Impact Incubator in partnership with the Social Enterprise Network of Nova Scotia, facilitating the Scaling Up project, shooting a cross-Canada documentary on social enterprise, to becoming Nova Scotia’s first Community Interest Company (CIC) and adopting a fresh new brand.

Thanks to Maggie Miland for this lovely painting of our office!

Thanks to Maggie Miland for this lovely painting of our office!

CGS’ long-time teammate Rodney had a connection that ultimately led to becoming tenants of the Cunard Street Children’s Centre at 5557 Cunard Street in April of 2018. The new space brought everyone closer to the stories of those on the team who grew up there (and even attended the daycare as children), fostering a strengthened sense of community, celebrating the stories and history of the building, the neighbourhood, and those team members.

And with this new space came the idea to create a space similar to The Hub Halifax. The Good Hub acts as an event and co-working space. Hosting dozens of events, largely led by local community members. The goal of The Good Hub is to foster and support new, impactful businesses, find solutions for community issues, and provide a space for education around social, cultural, environmental, and economic issues.


We welcome everyone into our space, and look forward to the ideas you bring forward. Let us help you launch your event, your project or your business!

The Good Hub is managed by Emily Miller and Josh Creighton, if you have any questions please send them to info@goodhub.ca and we’ll be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible.


Have a question about The Good Hub?

Reach out to Emily or Josh at info@goodhub.ca

Accessibility Note:

We aim to make all participants and employees feel safe and accommodated in our space. Please let us know if you need any consideration in terms of diet, transportation, parking or seating while visiting our office and set. Our location is located on the second floor of 5557 Cunard St. At this point we do not have accommodations to assist people to access the second floor (though are in the process of obtaining an elevator). The closest bus stops are on Robie, Gottingen and North Street.

Let us know your needs and we will do our best to accommodate wherever possible.